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The Oldest Stuff in the World

In many ways, we live in a disposable world. We use disposable dishes and silverware, we use paper towels that we toss in the trash after wiping up one spill, and every year many of us get new clothes and shoes to replace the ones that no longer fit.


How Fireworks Work!

Nomad authors are a dedicated bunch! All the activities in Nomad Press books are vetted by the authors (and often their children, classrooms, and neighborhood kids). Sometimes that makes for comical outcomes, like the experiment described in the following guest blog post from Nomad author Susan Berk Koch! Luckily, Sue’s porch is just fine. Have a […]


The Science of Bottle Flipping

Remember this fad? While the initial fever seems to have worn off, every so often it loops back around in my house and that familiar “Ka-chunck” echoes from the rafters, accompanied by cheers and groans of my boys. While adults might be immune to the charms of bottle flipping, kids understand the pure sense of accomplishment […]