Calling Kid Writers – Word Choices!

Which word will you choose? Kids can learn how to write in a series of videos by author Laura Perdew!

Learning to write is a critical part of education. It’s also an important step on the road to being an older student and even an adult. People need to know how to form a sentence, a paragraph, an essay so they can better understand and communicate with the world around them.

How do kids learn to write? It’s a lifelong process that can be wonderfully fun and fulfilling! Many people start with stories. Have you watched kids playing make believe or pretend? That’s a foundational part of learning to write. They craft story lines that peak and pivot and make some kind of narrative sense. This play grows into learning how to organize thoughts. Finally, when little hands are developed enough, children learn to start recording these stories on paper. And writing just keeps growing from there.

And this process includes nonfiction writing, too, which has the added bonus of research!

Laura Perdew, author of many fiction and nonfiction books for kids, shares some key tips she uses when writing her books. Her four videos cover the topics of word choice, organization, research, and choices.

You can find the whole series on the Nomad Press YouTube channel. Watch her video below on word choice!

Check out Laura’s nonfiction picture books all about space! Every book in the set includes a hands-on science activity, fun facts, a poem, and a glossary. Kids are invited to explore the universe! Perfect as a read aloud or for beginner readers.

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