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Get Your Engineering On!

Three books for curious kids

Let your kids tinker to their hearts’ content with these books for ages 7-9 that introduce the basics of engineering and get readers excited about how things work! Hands-on, science minded activities engage readers in ways that deepen learning and keep kids engaged. These activities are designed for independence and generally use materials that can be found in the home—even in the recycling bin! Discover the six simple machines that have been used by people since ancient times and are still used today!


Discover Ancient Animal Life!

Three books for understanding ancient life

What kinds of animals used to roam the earth? How do we know? Why did some adapt and others die out? Learn about ancient creatures and adaptation with these books and activities for ages 7-9! Kids find animals fascinating, so introduce them to the sciences of biology, paleontology, and even climate through deep explorations of how animals live, behave, and change!


What’s the Weather?

Three books to understand the atmosphere

Weather is everywhere, but what causes it? Why are some regions hot while others are cold? Where do hurricanes and other storms come from? These books for ages 7 to 9 plumbs the depths of weather, natural disasters, and the water cycle that drives our atmospheric systems in ways that invite scientific inquiry and exploration!


STEM in a box!

Three books for understanding the why behind the how

Where does gravity come from? How does electricity work? Why do we need energy and power to move? Kids ages 7 to 9 can discover the fascinating answers to riveting questions like these in this three-book STEM bundle from Nomad Press! You might think you know all there is to know about gravity, motion, and electricity—after all, we experience these things every day—but find new facts and theories in these books that take scientific exploration to a new level!


Innovation Nation!

three book covers for innovation book bundle

Three books for understanding how innovation works

Anyone can innovate! Kids 9 to 12 follow their own curiosity and come up with prototypes to test and revise, all while learning about the engineering design process and meeting engineers and inventors in different fields!


Discover the American Past

three book covers for American History book bundle

Three books for understanding U.S. history

Kids ages 9 to 12 learn about how the United States was founded and the challenges the country has overcome as its citizens continue to look for ways to make life better for all. Hands-on activities and research projects make learning fun!


Take a Look Under Your Skin!

three book covers for human movement, brain, and human body

Three books for understanding the human body

What does your body need to stay healthy? What is the relationship between your body and your brain? Find out in these interactive books all about the human body and how it operates! For ages 12 to 15.


Explore Life in All Forms!

Three books for understanding life science

From microbes to manatees, the world of biology is an amazing place! Kids ages 9 to 12 discover the life all around (and inside) them with cool hands-on experiments and stories of plants and animals around the world.


The Dark Side of History

three covers for book bundle history

Three books for understanding war

History is filled with struggle, at both an international level and individual. Try these books for ages 12 to 15 to learn about the people, places, and events that have helped define the United States and beyond.


Science You Need!

three book covers for chemistry, physics, and cells

Three books for understanding foundational science

No matter what school looks like this year, middle schoolers need to learn about the foundational sciences. Try these hands-on books that make diving into physics, chemistry, and biology a blast!


Play the Game of Science!

three book covers for book bundle

Three books for understanding foundational science

Science is a lot of fun when kids ages 9 to 12 use games, fairground rides, and slingshots to learn about physics, engineering, chemistry, and more! Hands-on learning at its best!


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