Beat the Boredom with Podcasts!

four wireless old-time microphones

Heading out on a long family road trip? You’re going to need some entertainment to beat the boredom! Podcasts (and, of course, books!) are a great way to go when you’re trying to keep the whole family interested (and not bickering).

Podcasts have increased in popularity both for adults and kids in recent years – they’re portable, cheap (usually free!), and a whole lot of fun. They’re educational too, in a didn’t-realize-you-were-learning kind of way. The next time someone from the backseat suggests turning to the local pop 40 radio station, try one of these podcasts and impress your kids.

Brains On!
A science podcast for kids, co-hosted by kids! Kids lead the conversation while grownups follow and try to keep up. Check out the website for lots of extras, including mystery sounds!

Who doesn’t enjoy having a story read to them? Browse this collection of stories for preschoolers through elementary school kids and discover magic.

Stuff You Missed in History Class
Your teachers can’t cover everything during class, so luckily there’s this podcast. Learn everything you want to know about everything you had no idea you needed to know about! Older children will find this most fascinating.

The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd
Just like an old-time radio show! Kids and adults will love the imaginary stories of Doctor Floyd and his cohorts.

Want some more ideas for podcasts? Check out Common Sense Media and Parenting Magazine for some more suggestions. And if your kids are ready to make their own podcasts, take a look at NPR’s guide to making a podcast and Reading Rockets’ suggestions on creating a classroom podcast. It’s a lot of fun!




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