Back to School!

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It’s hard to believe we’re still facing a very unusual school year. But here we are.

And boy, have we learned a lot! Remember back in March of 2020, when schools closed and educators and families had to recreate how kids are taught? And caretakers had to find ways of balancing work with learning from home? It was very, very hard.

And that experience taught us some incredible lessons about flexibility and resilience that served us well through the 2020-2021 school year, which was such a mix of in-person, remote, and interrupted learning across the nation. And now, we’re looking ahead to much more in-person learning, even as the delta variant is causes surges of cases in many parts of the nation.

Another thing we learned is the importance of social-emotional support for kids who are dealing with the seesaw school year that is life during a pandemic. And as stressful as school is these days, many kids are also dealing with economic hardship, death in the family, housing and food insecurity, and a whole host of other issues that have resulted from the pandemic.

It’s a lot.

Even as educators focus on academics and giving children the best chance at school success, they need to address the underlying issues of depression and anxiety that are infecting many, many schoolchildren as we head back into another tough year. Relationships are key to making sure kids are processing their emotions in healthy ways. Be sure to set up a process for kids to express their fears and worries, and make sure these check-ins are carried through to online classrooms when necessary.

We are all feeling the stress of prolonged fear and anxiety around the deadly disease that still has the world in its grip—kids included. But we don’t need to let that fear and anxiety rule our daily lives. Through talking, sharing, meditating, physical exercise, and other stress management techniques, we can grow beyond our immediate reactions of stress and stay emotionally and mentally healthy as we all adapt to the extreme changes happening around us and to us.


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