Baby, You Can Drive My Car

black and white bus engine

For some of us, the inner working of a car’s engine and other motors is a mystery. Leave it to a kid’s book to reveal the science under the hood!

Engines! With 25 Science Projects for Kids offers a fascinating roadmap into the mechanics of how engines operate, how energy is transferred and used, and how some of the more unusual engines of our world work. In very accessible language that even grownups can understand, this book takes readers step by step into a process that goes from remarkably simple to incredibly complex.

Have you heard of an aeolipile? This was a very simple steam engine used by ancient Greek inventor Hero. Historians think it’s the first steam engine in history! And while the design was simple, the concept has lasted through the centuries and is still used in modern machines.

The book describes five different kinds of engines and how they work and what they’re used for—clockwork motors, heat engines, electric motors, pneumatic motors, and hydraulic motors. By pairing hands-on activities with comprehensive text, jokes, illustrations, and links to online videos and resources, the author meets all kids wherever they are in their learning.

Read the introduction to Engines! Includes several hands-on activities.

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