Spring Science Projects


Here in New England, spring has finally sprung. Well, it feels more like summer and many of us are scratching our heads wondering if spring skipped right over us, but at least it’s not winter!


Every season brings its own opportunities for learning and it’s part of our job as educators to remind students to take advantage of these chances. Spring is a great time for outdoor science projects. It’s warm but not hot, the bugs haven’t yet fully arrived, not wearing a coat is still a novelty, and there’s mud. Yay mud!

While it might be tempting to make some mud pies and call it a day, there are plenty of chances to dig deeper and make connections between our own experience of the world and the science by which it operates. We might love mud pies because they’re cool and squishy and fun, but microbes love mud pies because that’s home. Worms love mud pies because that’s dinner. Why do insects love mud pies? Because that’s the maternity ward.

Here are three activities to get kids thinking beyond mud pies.

What do you find on the index cards? Where does that stuff go when you breath in?pizza oven

Why does the solar oven work? What happens to the sunlight when it goes through the plastic wrap?

In many parts of the world, people build their homes out of mud. Why makes this substance good for building? What makes it bad? What structures do you want to avoid building with mud?

Looking for more spring science projects? Check out these sites for some ideas! Happy spring!

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