CLEAR Review
“From interesting applications of numbers and counting, to geometric shapes and even experiments with bubbles, this book is sure to make math fun! It carefully explains each mathematical concept and includes vocabulary that reinforces the narrative. Then the concept is applied to a project or game, including fun facts.”

Marla Conn, educational consultant
“Money is GREAT! I love the mad lib and the printing/etching activity in particular. This is truly a STEAM title.”

Marla Conn, Educational Consultant
“This title is wonderful! Canals and Dams supports all of the Reading Informational Text ELA Common Core State Standards. The content is well organized and interesting. The illustrations are age appropriate, engaging, and support the text. The activities are fun, thought provoking, and . . . MORE

Metrokids Pennsylvania
“Interesting text and activities.” . . . MORE

Children’s Literature Evaluation and Review (CLEAR)
“Giving kids a hands-on opportunity to see energy in action, these 25 projects are an exciting introduction to the ways this hot topic affects both world politics and everyday lives. The tough topics of energy shortages are covered with enthusiasm in a lively discussion so kids can make . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends (
“ . . .The book is written to the reader and I would use this book for a supplement if required to use a textbook. If I was not required to use a textbook, I would use this book for secondary classes.” . . . MORE

School Arts Magazine
“This truly fascinating book makes connections to history, math, and science while focusing mainly on the art and culture of ancient Egypt.” . . . MORE

“. . . This is a complete and thorough resource dealing with basic civic principles for the middle-level social- studies classroom.” . . . MORE
“Teachers and parents homeschooling their children ages six and older will want to check out this excellent book that not only delves into the history of flight but also offers lots of hands-on projects and experiments.” . . . MORE

Marla Conn, Educational Consultant
“Native Americans covers the culture, history, and traditions of many Native American tribes through different content areas, including language arts, math, science, social studies, and the arts.” . . . MORE

“Propounding the emerging interdisciplinary paradigm of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and design, and mathematics), this hands-on informational book discusses how cities’ complex structures and systems function together . . . Reilly helps foster an appreciation for the . . . MORE

Children's Literature
"This is one of the best inclusive science books around." . . . MORE

“. . . a great tool kit for young readers who want to practice the skills required for success in business.” . . . MORE

David Ehrlich, Professor of Film and Television Studies, Dartmouth College
“An engrossing read for children and young people. The integrated hands-on projects offer the young reader the chance to experience the excitement of technical and scientific discovery.” . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Recommends
“One activity in particular stands out for its uniqueness: using processed cheese slices and a microwave to measure the speed of light." . . . MORE

Calliope Magazine
“Explore Simple Machines! by Anita Yasuda includes among the 25 projects: make a helicopter, make a pulley, chopstick challenge, and a friction experiment. Keeping the reader’s interest throughout are ‘Did You Know’ facts, ‘Then and Now’ fascinating tidbits, and engaging . . . MORE

Booklist Spotlight on Crafts Top 10 Pick
"This very readable account of Washington's life is paired with appealing projects from the colonial period." . . . MORE

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
“You get a feel for what it would have been like during the war . . . this is a great source.” . . . MORE

Booklist Online Exclusive
"High-interest content coupled with relatable role models make this a quality career and occupational resource." . . . MORE

DIG Magazine
“Explore Ancient Rome! By Carmella Van Vleet offers a variety of projects, accompanied by explanatory history text, designed to stimulate readers’ interest in this ancient culture. Among them are making an aqueduct, designing a villa, creating an oscillum and designing a theater . . . MORE

School Library Journal
“This informative, entertaining activity book takes readers on a fascinating voyage of their own . . . Each chapter concludes with ‘Make Your Own’ activities that bring life to the history with instructions for the construction of a logbook, clay activities, recipes, games, etc. . . . . . MORE

Marla Conn, Educational Consultant
“Mapping and Navigation is a perfect STEM title and a wonderful resource for students in grades 4–7. It encourages students to draw evidence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.” . . . MORE

Homeschooling Parent
“You can't go wrong with this teaching tool—it is simply fabulous!” . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends
. . . a wonderful resource for the study of plate tectonics. Not only does it have awesome pictures to explain what it is saying, but the descriptions are very clear and easy for all students to read and understand. . . . MORE

Stephen Scully, Associate Professor, Boston University
“Greek myths of gods and heroes excite the imaginations of people of all ages. This is a wonderfully stimulating book, filled with projects and tales to ponder.” . . . MORE

CLEAR Review
“From interesting applications of numbers and counting, to geometric shapes and even experiments with bubbles, this book is sure to make math fun! It carefully explains each mathematical concept and includes vocabulary that reinforces the narrative. Then the concept is applied to a . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association
“It would truly "bee" exciting to have students learn more about honey bees from this book and appreciate the hard work they do.” . . . MORE

". . . an exciting read, not just because of the future potential for alternative energy sources, but also because of the existent, real-world success stories of wind farms, hydroelectric dams, and solar panels . . . " . . . MORE

School Library Connection
"This would make an excellent addition to a classroom textbook to reinforce and demonstrate concepts. Librarians will love the focus on primary sources and scientific process." . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends (
“ . . . what sets this book apart is that it contains projects which take this volume to a whole new level.” . . . MORE

Denis Belliveau explorer, filmmaker, and author of In the Footsteps of Marco Polo
“The Silk Road is a wonderful way to introduce young people to one of the most interesting regions of the world and I’m sure it will inspire the next generation of explorers. I only wish it had been available before I spent two years traveling along its historic, dusty and memorable . . . MORE

Marla Conn, educational consultant
“Money is GREAT! I love the mad lib and the printing/etching activity in particular. This is truly a STEAM title.” . . . MORE

Homeschooling Today
“A brand-new title, Great Medieval Projects You Can Build Yourself by Kris Bordessa targets an older audience. It is much more than just an activity guide; we were all fascinated by the amount of information presented in its pages . . . Older children will be able to complete these with . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends (
“Are you looking for projects about gravity that are equally interactive as well as instructive? Explore Gravity! is sure to be one of the more popular science books in your class.” . . . MORE

Calgary Child Magazine
“This award winning book by Author Kathleen Reilly is an engaging guide to the natural world. Could easily serve as a supplemental textbook in science and environmental classes for children . . . very informative and age appropriate. It encourages children nine and up to get their hands . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends (
“This book is a treasure trove of information, experiments, and building challenges, and is an excellent, exciting, and easy way to incorporate STEM education into your classroom, science fair, or after school engineering club.” . . . MORE

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
“. . .a wonderful book to use as a jumping off point for this time period in history. The information is interesting and the projects add a bit of hands on learning without being overwhelming. I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in the Industrial Revolution.” . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends
This book has something for everyone. . . . MORE

Children’s Literature Review
“This is one of the best books for children about Colonial America. History teachers should own this book . . .” . . . MORE

Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children’s Media
Highly Recommended -- Superior book everyone should buy . . . MORE

Jane Margolis— Author of Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing, and, Stuck in the Shallow End: Education, Race, and Computing
“I truly wish Technology: Cool Women Who Code had been around when my daughter was younger. . ." . . . MORE

Children's Literature Review
“It should be a home-schooled must.” . . . MORE

“. . . Like other titles in the Inquire and Investigate series, this book focuses on a high-interest topic in a cutting-edge field to reinforce young people’s understanding of the scientific method. . .an appealing and age-appropriate STEM resource.” . . . MORE

Publishers Weekly
“. . . Stone’s cartoons, which star a fox dressed like a Beat poet and a Shakespearean bear, make for a lively layout, while helping target the book at younger readers and poets-to-be.” . . . MORE

SWON Libraries
"Teachers, parents, librarians, and children will enjoy this book for different reasons. Librarians could use the book for a summer camp or teacher resource boxes. Teachers can use the book as a wonderful resource for a variety of units. Parents could use the guide for rainy day . . . MORE

2012 Skipping Stones Honor Award in the category of Nature and Ecology
"Garbage: Investigate What Happens When You Throw It Out With 25 Projects has been recognized as an 'exceptional contribution to multicultural and ecological awareness in children's literature.'" . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends (
“Young scientists will enjoy this illustrated lab manual dealing with water. The 25 projects cover many aspects of water study, from historical Rome to making music with water-filled bowls. The book is illustrated by Bryan Stone, whose whimsical artwork will entice young readers.” . . . MORE

This Kid Reviews Books
"A really nice nonfiction series! I give this book five out of five bookworms!” . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends
A completely engaging narrative connecting cells, tissues, organs, and body systems to diverse fields beyond biology ranging from physics to energy transfer. . . . MORE

His Execellency President Kevin Baugh, Republic of Molossia
“Micronations: Invent Your Own Country and Culture is a great book, very entertaining and informative. It’s a fun read and a great resource for anyone, young and old, who would like to start their own micronation—and I should know, I’ve been running my own micronation for 36 . . . MORE

“Amazing Africa by Carla Mooney is chock full of interesting facts, word helps, and sidebars that complement the great variety of activities. Definitely a book you will use as a regular resource." . . . MORE

School Library Journal
“This overview is a STEAM advocate's delight . . . an admirable synopsis of the multicultural history of American music.” . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA Recommends)
"What was really magical about the book is the interconnection from one topic to another!" . . . MORE

Children’s Literature Review
“This tidy kid-friendly book is crammed with activities and information on chemistry . . . Lots of science information is mixed with the how-to of the projects and there is hardly a blank space on a page anywhere in the book . . . A very nicely done and reasonably priced collection.” . . . MORE

“The conversational tone, hair-raising anecdotes, and fairly comprehensive glossary make this a handy primer for any budding thrill seeker.” . . . MORE

Jim Bell, NASA Mars Exploration Rover Project
“This great collection of fun facts and activities is a perfect way to give kids a first-hand feel for important concepts and discoveries in planetary science and space exploration.” . . . MORE

School Library Journal
“Featuring a lively page design, this volume asks readers a series of questions to prompt them to consider the American Revolution. . . A useful resource.” . . . MORE

“ . . . Fifteen versatile and hands-on projects range from very simple exercises that can be completed in moments . . . to more sophisticated temporal experiments . . . These projects could be used as a fun diversion on a rainy afternoon at home or as the crux of an elementary science . . . MORE

Rene Banglesdorf, CEO, Charlie Bravo Aviation, author of Crushing Mediocrity: 10 Ways to Rise Above the Status Quo
“The aviation industry has a lot to offer young women—a chance to see the world, build an exciting career, and make a major impact on our future. This book is a fun and well-written peek into what’s available.” . . . MORE

Featured title School Library Journal April 2015 "Focus on Robo Reads"
“Robot types and features from the past, present, and near future are introduced in this wide-ranging overview.” . . . MORE

Children's Literature Review
“. . .a must-have book for any youngster with an interest in comics.” . . . MORE

The Buffalo News
“ . . . packs in interesting historical information and colorful facts about daily life in pioneer days along with interesting tidbits . . .” . . . MORE

Kerry L. McPhail, PhD, Associate Professor of Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry, Oregon State University
“Dive into this inspirational book and be immersed in fascinating history, art, and science of an immense undersea world awaiting further exploration.” . . . MORE

Publishers Weekly
Clear, straightforward writing helps introduce sometimes complex topics like radiometric dating, as well as how human understanding of dinosaurs has changed through research and discovery. . . . MORE
“Written in an engaging style with fun illustrations, it will keep the attention of children and adults alike. A little book that is full of information and learning fun, Explore Weather and Climate! is a fun way to introduce children to something we experience every day: the weather.” . . . MORE

Publishers Weekly
It’s an engrossing look at how science and fiction converge and diverge. . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends (
“. . . Skyscrapers would make an excellent resource for the history or science teacher desiring to try a project based learning (PBL) unit.” . . . MORE

Dr. Tamara L. Bray, Professor of Anthropology, Wayne State University
“Filled with facts about the Inca empire, cultural adaptations in the Andes, the local environment, high-altitude agriculture and more, the book takes what we know from archaeology and ethnohistory and communicates it in a way designed to stimulate comparison between our present-day . . . MORE

Stories for Children Magazine
“With 20 experiments, games and projects to choose from . . . not only kids, but also families can have a wonderful time each weekend learning something new . . . Each chapter/section covers a different topic and had a clear explanation of underlying concepts making learning fun and . . . MORE

“The abstractions of religion make it a tricky topic for objective and clear middle-level resources, but this dynamic book manages to be both informative and accessible. . . ” . . . MORE

Greg DeFrancis, Director of Education, Montshire Museum
“This high-powered tour of ecological principles is chocked full of information, activities, and science vocabulary. Science educators and parents will be thrilled with the amount of information the author has packed into Biomes.” . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends
“. . . I highly recommend this well–written book. . . This would be an excellent resource book for the middle school teacher. " . . . MORE

School Library Journal
“Entertaining and informative. Overall, this is a useful and engaging introductory overview of the Wild West.” . . . MORE

Blaine McCormick, author, Ben Franklin: America’s Original Entrepreneur
“You're never too young to learn about Ben Franklin, and Carmella Van Vleet gives you a great introduction. My own children grabbed the book away from me as soon as a copy arrived. I only wish my library would have had this book when I was a child.” . . . MORE

Publishers Weekly
". . . an extensive introduction to the brain’s capability and function, with just enough humor and interactivity to keep readers engaged.” . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends
". . . Nearly a complete unit plan! I can imagine building a unit based on this book and the resources it provides." . . . MORE

SWON Libraries Recommends
"An excellent choice for students interested in or studying physics in middle grade science." . . . MORE

School Library Journal

“Six chapters with colorful titles begin with facts about the topic under several subheadings . . . the step-by-step directions are well written, and easy to follow . . . the activities are creative . . . It will be of interest to children and their teachers as well as homeschooling . . . MORE

“This would be a great addition to a unit on Central American history for upper elementary, middle school and junior high students.” . . . MORE

A Parents' Choice 2007 Recommended Award Winner
“This entertaining, ecology-conscious book (printed on 50% post-consumer recycled paper) has enough facts and fun inside to keep budding scientists from getting cabin fever through an entire winter season.” . . . MORE

The Old School House Magazine
This book does an excellent job of making Shakespeare come alive for young people and successfully conveys the timelessness of Shakespeare’s plays.” . . . MORE

Library Media Connection
“The chapters have fun recipes for snacks and suggestions for projects. The b&w illustrations are simple but support and enhance the text . . . Science teachers and anyone interested in science will find it a fun book to work with.” . . . MORE

Calliope Magazine
“A great complement to this issue of CALLIOPE. In addition to the engaging activities, there are fact-filled sidebars, interesting did-you-know boxes, pertinent vocabulary lists, and much more!” . . . MORE

The New York Times Book Review
“Anderson regales us with tales of Leonardo’s brilliant, often mischievous nature, and the nearly unfathomable range of his inventions.” . . . MORE

Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children’s Media
An appealing graphic design and well-written text . . a recommended purchase. . . . MORE

Children’s Literature
“This book introduces young readers to three women who are setting the bar for females to achieve careers in astronomy: Nancy Roman, Maggie Aderin-Pocock, and Andrea Ghez . . . . an excellent addition for all school libraries to offer supplemental reading for science classes . . .” . . . MORE

Somerville Journal Science
“Explore is packed with activities that children will enjoy . . . The Vermont-based publishing house is on a mission to educate young children about the natural world . . . ” . . . MORE

The Midwest Book Review
“Explore Native American Cultures! is an enrichment text and workbook for students of Native American studies ages 6-9 . . . Interesting project directions include make your own Katsina doll, Mayan glyphs, bear claw necklace, soft twine bag, and many more.” . . . MORE

Booklist Online Exclusive
“. . . provides appealing and engaging support for American history students trying to make sense of the Great Depression . . . . glossary, vocabulary exercises, key questions, and suggestions for games, projects, and experiments, helps make this a useful research tool and teaching . . . MORE

“. . .This appealing offering should prove to be a popular addition to STEAM collections.” . . . MORE

Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children’s Media
All-in-all this book exceeds expectations. . . . MORE

Children’s Literature Evaluation and Review (CLEAR)
“This would make a wonderful companion book for teachers focusing on this period in history and looking for interesting facts and kid friendly activities like making a log cabin using pretzel rods and icing, yum. . .” . . . MORE

Christopher T. Minson, Ph.D., Associate Professor/Department Head, Department Human Physiology, University of Oregon
“I love this book! As an educator, scientist, and parent, I found this book to be an excellent educational tool. The text is entertaining, the illustrations are fun and informative, and the experiments really bring the concepts to life!” . . . MORE

School Library Journal
“Fun yet informative line drawings elucidate an equally clear narrative, allowing readers to pool a reservoir of facts that can run close to home when website such as the EPA’s are offered with the suggestion that students can ‘figure out the path of water that flows from your . . . MORE

The New York Times Book Review
“. . . a fascinating gem of a book.” ­ . . . MORE

National Science Teachers Association Recommends (
“Does your approach to teaching natural resources consist of talking to students, showing a video, and maybe inviting a guest speaker? If you are ready for something more engaging, this Natural Resources! With 25 Great Projects is a required science resource” . . . MORE

Booklist Online
". . . . Every teacher interested in bringing STEM into the classroom needs a resource like this.” . . . MORE

School Library Connection
“Through engaging text, sidebars, graphics, and projects, this book just might change the way readers think about soil . . . . " . . . MORE

Lorcan Otway, Director, Museum of the American Gangster
“This book is not a collection of facts and dates—Lusted entices the young reader to go deeper and seek out greater understanding by searching out original sources and experimenting with commonly available materials.” . . . MORE

Charlotte Library
“Although this book might sound like a fairly ordinary craft book, it is much more--it is also an excellent introduction to the cultures and myths of a diverse selection of peoples, and one I highly recommend to home-schoolers in particular . . .” . . . MORE

Parents & Teachers (US.Kids Magazine)
“Explore Night Science! is filled with fun, step-by-step activities that explore what happens in plants, animals, the sky, and our own human bodies after the sun goes down. This book is a great introduction to the investigative process, teaching little scientists how to attract night . . . MORE

Children's Literature Review
“. . . Overall, this book will be essential to science teachers and children who aspire to work for NASA.” . . . MORE

“With a heavy emphasis on STEM and engaging trivia, this well-designed title is a quality introduction to the basics of electricity . . . Circuits, electromagnetism, batteries, and lightning are all topics explored in informational text with embedded experimental projects . . .” . . . MORE

CM Magazine (Manitoba Library Association)
“Explore the Solar System! provides young readers with a book that arouses curiosity about the world of space . . . Elementary teachers will appreciate the variety of hands-on activities, games and experiments that will assist their students in understanding the different science . . . MORE

“. . . should provide inspiration and insights into scientific exploration for students, teachers, and budding mad scientists.” . . . MORE
“ . . . this little gem from Nomad Press is a great book for learning about Ancient Greece…The author’s enthusiasm jumps out of the page at you while you’re reading descriptions of Greeks and their culture…This book would also make a great basis for a co-op hands-on history . . . MORE

Booklist Online
“By using active learning as a capstone to critical concepts and by including essential questions to guide readers, the book provides an interactive introduction to ideas that are vital to responsible citizenship.” . . . MORE