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Nomad Press is passionate about sparking the interest of readers in the classroom. Our activity-based books engage young learners in the scientific process as they find themselves thinking critically, making predictions, conducting experiments, documenting observations, and making discoveries about the real world. Our books integrate history, geography, science, technology, and language arts to teach readers that people, places, technologies, and events of the past continue to shape our present and our future.

By aligning our books with the Common Core State Standards, NSTA benchmarks, and STEAM education, we promote a consistent, goal-oriented application of knowledge from a young age. Our books are fun and interactive, and they inspire readers to go outside the informational text and take their learning into the world, where the real education waits!

All Nomad books are assigned Lexile measurements and Guided Reading Levels. You can find a chart of our content standards here.

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Common Core

Common Core State Standards

Nomad Press titles offer teachers some of the best resources on the market today to enhance classroom curriculum. All of our titles comply with national standards for social studies or science, as well as with Common Core State Standards.

Research has shown that older students struggle to comprehend informational, or nonfiction, texts due to a lack of exposure from an early age. Therefore, the Common Core State Standards have increased the amount of informational texts that students will read, write, and consider, starting at a younger age. So what exactly is informational text?

Informational text is defined as text with the purpose of expressing information about the arts, sciences, or social studies. Informational texts include newspaper and magazine articles, online information, nonfiction books, textbooks, and reference materials. All Nomad Press books fall under one of the following categories of informational texts: literary nonfiction, expository, persuasive, or procedural.

  • Literary Nonfiction texts are typically written much more like a story—like a fictional story—with a beginning, middle and end. Texts in this category include letters, speeches, essays, and biographies.
  • Expository texts explain a specific topic. They often contain a table of contents, an index, or other navigational sections so that readers may read only the portions of the books that interest them.
  • Persuasive texts provide evidence with the intent of influencing the beliefs or actions of the reader. They often include claims and evidence to support those claims. A persuasive text will attempt to change the reader’s mind or opinion.
  • Procedural texts offer step-by-step guidelines that describe how to complete a task. They usually include drawings and diagrams to illustrate the process.



Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math—these are the foundational subjects in which students who show proficiency will have better opportunities to compete in tomorrow’s global marketplace.

The STEAM approach to education is designed to enhance the teaching of familiar subject areas by incorporating a stream of innovation into regular curriculum. Instead of relying on rote learning and lectures, students are asked to apply creative thinking to produce innovative solutions to problems and to make connections between what they read and their own previous knowledge or experience.

Nomad books invite kids to examine the world through the STEAM lenses of inquiry and exploration. The activities in each book shift the typical classroom environment from teacher centered to student driven.

STEAM teaches children to think critically, innovate, solve problems, collaborate, and satisfy their own curiosity while seeking answers to the ever-present question, “Why?”

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