November 2014

Entrepreneurship: Create Your Own Business with 25 Projects

Written by Alex Kahan 
Illustrated by Mike Crosier 
Grade Level 4–6

From the early days of traders and trappers to today’s global online marketplace, business is the glue that holds our world together. In Entrepreneurship: Create Your Own Business, children learn what it takes to transform a great idea into a workable business plan and their own new business. Through hands-on activities, art and history meet economics and math while young readers gain a solid. . . MORE

October 2014

Comics: Investigate the History and Technology of American Cartooning with 25 Projects

Written & Illustrated by Sam Carbaugh 
Grade Level 4–6

Comics have a rich and varied history, beginning on the walls of caves and evolving to the sophisticated medium found on websites today. For a kid, comics can be more than entertainment. Comics can be a lifeline to another world, one in which everyone has the potential to become a superhero and children are welcome to all the power adults have overlooked.

. . . MORE

September 2014

Explore Money! With 25 Great Projects

Written by Cindy Blobaum 
Illustrated by Bryan Stone 
Grade Level 3–4

In Explore Money! With 25 Great Projects, money is more than something to earn, save, and spend. It’s an opportunity to explore history, art, science, economics, and math! While checking out the change in their pockets and bills from their banks, young readers search for hidden treasures, learn how money can multiply, and see how countries keep their currency secure. Very large and very small. . . MORE