March 2012

Educational Travel with Kids—Tips for the Road

Do you have plans for spring break? Are you hoping to take your kids somewhere that’s both fun AND educational? Perhaps you’re traveling to a destination where fun is guaranteed, like Hawaii. Or maybe you’re dragging your kids to a place where fun is not quite as built in, like to visit relatives on their farm in the flatlands of the Midwest. How ever will you fill the days?!

Welcome, Spring! Wait? Haven’t You Been Here Awhile?

Based on the workings of the solar system, spring has officially sprung! In the Northeast it feels like spring sprang weeks ago. Fall sort of faded into winter this year, and winter, what we had of it, felt like a faint spell before it surrendered itself, without hope of a fight, over to spring, which, yesterday, actually felt like summer and promises to continue for the next few days.

Bossy Brains

It’s Brain Awareness Week! Our acknowledgement of this week as brain awareness week might seem slightly off topic from our normal book-related blog posts. But in reality, the brain is related to everything, and it’s especially related to reading!

Elbows Off the Table but Books Can Stay On

March is National Reading Month, which got started March 2nd with National Reading Day in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday. Here at Nomad, we of course have a particular enthusiasm for recognizing this. It sounds sort of silly to acknowledge one month out of the whole year as our national month to read; however, it’s a chance to encourage some of the ways we can bring reading to the forefront of our lives. And even if that happens one day out of this month, it’s worth it.