A Bucket of Legos = STEM Education!

We like what this article has to say. It’s not an article about the latest app that can enhance the way kids learn. It’s about the trusty old plastic toys called Legos, and how kids are engaging their brains to think when they’re using their hands to build.

According to Tracy Huziak-Clark, an associate professor of science education at Bowling Green State University, hands-on activities have the potential to engage students in ways traditional teaching methods may not. We have always been huge advocates for hands-on learning; it’s what our books are all about, so we’re of course happy to know that these types of activity are fueling after-school STEM programs.

Not only does hands-on learning keep kids moving, it keeps them creative and engaged. Somewhere along the line we’re taught to think that having fun and learning are mutually exclusive events. They’re not, nor should they be. As adults we all do better when we enjoy what we’re doing. So should kids!
Kuddos to Legos!

Jane at Nomad

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