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Calliope Magazine

“Explore Simple Machines! by Anita Yasuda includes among the 25 projects: make a helicopter, make a pulley, chopstick challenge, and a friction experiment. Keeping the reader’s interest throughout are ‘Did You Know’ facts, ‘Then and Now’ fascinating tidbits, and engaging sidebars.”

Explore Simple Machines! With 25 Great Projects

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Nomad Press books fit perfectly into classrooms and homeschools!

Our books align with Common Core State Standards and almost all of them incorporate STEM/STEAM material that makes for an inspiring reading experience! Guided Reading Levels and Lexile measures are calculated for each book so you know exactly what level to expect. Primary sources and essential questions foster independent study, while Teachers’ Resource Guides offer even more support in the classroom. Inquiry-based projects strengthen connections between learning and real-life application.

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January 20 is Inauguration Day

January 19, 2017


Two months ago, the world learned who would be the next president of the United States, and only now is the transition actually going to happen. What takes so long?

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Discussing Civil Rights with Kids: Because It Makes a Difference

January 16, 2017


What impact does Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech have today? Is it still relevant? Is it, perhaps, more relevant than ever?

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Robots: Free Kids’ Robotics Activity!

January 13, 2017


I admit it–when I start thinking about robots, I immediately start choosing which chores I can shrug off onto their metallic shoulders so I’m freed up to do more of the stuff I love. Like reading books and eating chocolate covered pretzels.  

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